Main Inducing Factors of Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid cancer is a type of cancer that affects the thyroid glands. Though the exact cause of this type of cancer remains unknown, there are several factors that have been known to induce thyroid cancer. Before divulging into what these factors are, it is important to comprehend thyroid cancer and its symptoms. The primary thyroid cancer symptom is the enlargement of the thyroid gland. The enlargement of this gland is preceded by the appearance of a noodle in the gland. This noodle does not cause any pain or discomfort and is hard to detect. Therefore, during its early stages of growth, thyroid cancer is almost undetectable.

Another common thyroid cancer symptom is difficulty in breathing and swallowing. Typically, a patient will experience difficulty in breathing and swallowing as the noodle enlarges and begins to compress the windpipe. A less common thyroid cancer symptom is a hoarse voice. The hoarseness is caused by the cancer interfering with a patient’s vocal cords. Of importance is to note that thyroid cancer is difficult to detect and thus it is recommended to consult a doctor in case you detect a lump on your neck. There is a myriad of factors that can lead to these symptoms and the main ones are.

Iodine and thyroid cancer

Iodine is essential to the human body’s growth and development. Therefore, insufficient iodine in the body causes goiter, slowed nail growth and dry hair and skin. Also, iodine deficiency has been associated with thyroid cancer. This is as per scientific research conducted on the causes of thyroid cancer. According to physicians, extreme cases of goiter can lead to thyroid cancer. In fact, a high percentage of goiter patients have tested positive for thyroid cancer. Therefore, individuals who lack sufficient iodine in their bodies are more likely to suffer from thyroid cancer than those with adequate iodine.

Sex hormones and thyroid cancer

Thyroid cancer is more prevalent in women than in men. This phenomenon has been attributed to the effects of estrogen on the thyroid gland. From the research done in regards to the relationship between sex hormones and thyroid cancer, it has been concluded that hormonal anomalies in women increase the risk of thyroid cancer. However, there is significantly little research done in this area. Therefore, the relationship between sex hormones and thyroid cancer has not been conclusively established. Nevertheless, the fact that thyroid cancer is prevalent among adolescent girls and in women with abnormal menopause cycles point to there being a relation.

Radiation and thyroid cancer

Radiation exposure is probably the number one factor known to increase the development of thyroid cancer. Exposure to radiation may be as a result of residing near nuclear reactors or use of radiation based treatments. Radiation therapy used in the treatment of other types of cancer such as cancer of the breast and cancer of the lymph node have been known to increase the risk of thyroid cancer. Moreover, persons living near the Fukushima reactor and those who were affected by the Chernobyl disaster are at a higher risk of developing thyroid cancer.

Planning for Holiday Traveling to Singapore? 4 Tips you must knows!

You must have to think about some important issue when you are going to plan for a holyday traveling by car.  In fact someone go to travel to get enjoyment.  To get amusement in travelling you need to design a well plan before start going. There are four things you need to consider a plan.


  1. Site selection

Modern life gives mankind a busy and technological life. People become bore to work with machine. The need leisure. They need refreshment. So when they get that expected holyday, they need to visit a suitable place with family or friends. To choose the place they should think about the nature of place they like. Someone like to visit crowdie place someone like to go to a quiet place. If the place is not alike the mentality, than travel could not bear any pleasure.

  1. Travelling kits

It needs to make a list of necessary things before packaging. It could make a problems if you forget to take some essential thing like water pot, baby food, spare dress, spectacles, mobile, debit/credit card, passport (if it is a aboard travel), some cash money, gaming kits (if necessary. You can take some dry food in your hand.

  1. Travelling vehicle

It is very important issue to select the vehicle which you going to use. Is it a public vehicle or personal car? If you want to use your private car, you need to check the engine condition of the car. Otherwise it may fells you in a haggard on the road. First you should to check the alternator because it is related to all electrical system like starter, battery, AC, lighting etc. If the alternator occurs any disorder than the plan will gone to the garbage. You have some ways to check these parts of the car.

Some indicators show the alternator is being damaged such as dim light- if the dash light and/or head lights are being dimmed, it indicates that the alternator is malfunctioning or going to damage. Warning light- now a day many modern cars have warning light to show the alternator conditions. Wired smell- some time we get bad smell if it is not run well. The alternator rubber belt produces this smell. Weak battery- weak battery cannot bear the load of electrical current produced by alternator. As a result the alternator may be damaged.  Odd sound- sometime malfunctioning alternator produces odd sound and we can also know by the electrical system. There are many Alternator repair service in Singapore, Rotor Auto Electrical is one of the trusted car repair center in Singapore, the are specialized in alternator repair service, starter motor repair, car battery replacement and car aircon fixing . You can check the car repair service from here

  1. Safety return

All well that end well. You have a well-planned return policy. You do not go to travel forever. So you need a plan to return home in a time frame and a possible way.

Last of all you have a green mind in your own to get boundless enjoy in a travel by car.