School Traveling in Singapore

As you all know that our children are the most treasured gifts that we were given. You usually send them to the best schools so as you can ensure they are safe as always. However at other times you are unable to ferry them by yourself hence you need a reliable and trustworthy school bus transport company in Singapore to transport them safely at their comfort.  With our bus transport, we assure you that you are making the prudent decision by entrusting us with your children that none other transportation service can offer as we offer like professions.


Do you need a bus for your children going for a tour, a school event, an extrusion or even the daily classes be to assure that the transport bus agency in Singapore will offer all that you need?  We provide services of picking your children right at your door step and drop them safely at school and back to you at you homes.  You will not hear any issue of tardiness as we synchronize our bus clocks with the official school timings.

Design and features of our buses.

They have a large fleet and well equipped ranging from the full-size buses to the mini school buses. We also offer our prestigious buses to the schools that wants to go for a unique function. All our buses are comfortable air conditioned and with clear window panes to ensure our children have the panoramic view of nature and the cities as they travel to and from school. We have also installed safety devices like the safety belts so as to give you peace as your children travel in such kind of buses.

We have also improvised a secure seating position. Our buses provide a forward facing position with retractable seat belts that you children needs to put on when he/she enters the bus. We also have a person in the bus to guide them on how to put the belts.

Our buses are also easily recognizable. They are easily identifiable due to the clear signs that are indicating the bus numbers and our clear color coding that we paint all our buses with. When our children are alighting from the buses we prodigious use, our buses rear lights and the hazard warning lights to provide an ample notice warning to the other road users of our cautiousness.

We have also licensed bus attendants who check our buses regularly to ensure they are in good condition. This is for the purpose of treating our children’s as precious people hence they are categorized in the VIP class. Our courteous bus attendants will also look after your children as if they were their own, making a head count before leaving a venue and facilitating that the young children’s needs are attended to.

We also offer professional drivers for our children’s.  We ensure that our drivers have gone to a perfect driving school and that they have an experience of not less than three years on the roads.

Safety is the priority of our children as they travel to and from the school. Hence, we treat them with utmost care and sensitivity since they are delicate people.  We also attend to your children regardless of their ages may it be special children, kindergarten or even primary pupils.

Our commitment is not only to provide bus rental in Singapore but also to ferry you children with safe and secure transport to and from school. Try us today to secure your children from danger.

Melbourne, a Beautiful Garden City

Melbourne is an immigrant city, more than four million people come from 140 different countries around the world. The Yarra River is the largest river which flows through the city, on both sides of the river, there is the city’s most bustling commercial district which gathers art center, railway station, office buildings, commercial buildings. The United Nations has been selected Melbourne as one of the most suitable for human habitation cities.

Before 1835, there was almost no people live in Melbourne, and in 1840, Melbourne’s population is ten thousand. In 1851, the discovery of gold in Melbourne attracted thousands of people all over the world (mainly American) came to Melbourne, including a large number of Chinese laborers. Because of the gold rush, the population of Melbourne grew rapidly, and became a large city soon.

You can take a yacht in the Yarra River City to appreciate Melbourne’s great scenery, every half an hour there is a yacht start off from the Princes Bridge, along the Yarra River to the port of Melbourne to enjoy the blue sky and sea.

Melbourne Federation Square is located in the city centre, it has become the new symbol of Melbourne in twenty-first Century. It was designed by Peter Davidson in 2003, and the government spent 4 years to build. It is a multi-functional cultural leisure square, its square covers an area of 3.8 hectares and can accommodate 10000 people, is the spotlight of Melbourne.

Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne is located in the South Bank of the Yarra River, it covers an area of 35 hectares, and is the biggest city garden in the whole Australia.  It adopts the nineteenth century garden style, has a history of more than 150 years, there are more than 20,000 species of plants, and more than 50 species of bird habitat here.

Melbourne is the first city in the southern hemisphere which hosted the summer Olympic Games, the annual Australia Open tennis tournament, F1 races in Australia, Melbourne Cup horse racing and other famous international competitions are held in Melbourne.

How to Choose a Good Quality LED High Bay Light

LED high bay lights offer a perfect solution for the commercial and industrial houses since they are extremely energy efficient and are easy to manage.  They are best suited for the gyms, manufacturing shops, warehouses and receiving docks. Since the LED lights are gaining popularity, there is the need to know how you should choose the good quality of the LED lights that fits the demands that you want to be met. Some varieties of LED lights has come up and hence nowadays you can find easily one that suits the décor and the brightness of your rooms. A good led high bay light fixtures can leave a big impact on the appearance and functions of any building. The lighting system is widely used in some ways, and different commercial buildings hence need to know how to choose the best LED lighting system. Here are some simple tips to help you to choose a good quality LED high bay light;
led high bay light

The most important thing to consider is the design of the LED light.  Two main different types of the LED tube design are available. They are linear and pendant fixtures. It is also a crucial consideration to consider your roof type while choosing the type LED system that you want to fit.

You should also choose an LED light with a suitable lighting distribution. If it is in an open area, the LED high bay equipped with the 1200c reflector will work better. Narrow and open areas need high bays with different beam angles.  Areas such as aisle in the cold storage require an LED lights with a rectangular beam angle.

When choosing for the quality LED lights you should care more on the lumen than the wattage.  The bulb may have the same wattage, but the lumen output may differ with different manufacturers. You need also to consider the activities that will be taking place in the room that need to be installed with LED light. This is important so that the activities to be carried out in the room should not interfere with the light fixtures or the sensor LED. Consider the functions of the room.

You also need to ensure that the thermal structure is reasonable since they offer better heat dissipation that is important to ensure smaller light attenuation.  You should also consider a higher constant current supply and power efficiency with a high power factor that is important to make sure the LED lamp is environmental and energy saving.

To check on quality also before purchasing in bulk, you should test the LED lamps continuously for 48 to 72 hours to check on brightness and stability. Ensure that the LED high bay lights have a high strength body so as to help the lamp to resist easily violent impact or collision and hence ensure the safety of life.

You should also check the radiator surface area of the LED high bay light.  High manufacturing technologies ensures that there is a larger radiator area that will help to ensure better heat dissipation.  A good quality LED high bay light should have a good antistatic capacity so as to ensure a longer LED life, and also it contributes to higher safety.

In conclusion, you can opt to check on other LED high bay fittings that are fitted in the nearby building within your budget and the requirement. Welcome and try this change with LED high bay light price that is subsidized.