Best Italian places for snowboarders


For snowboarders, our continent is undoubtedly very popular, full of wonderful slopes and snow park well equipped allowing to enjoy the thrill that only this winter sport can give. As a result, five of the best places to practice snowboarding in Europe. But before reading, take a look at Sharewood website, where you can find snowboards to rent online.

Italy: Livigno, Lombardy

Livigno is a beautiful Lombard town near the border with Switzerland. In the midst of the Alps, it is a famous tourist destination for winter sports and snowboarding.

Here is the Swatch Mottolino Snowpark, considered the best snow parks in Italy for over ten years, and one of the 3 best snow parks in Europe. It is a perfect place for those who like to do freestyle and snowboarding. The snow park is divided into 5 levels: dall’XS the XL. In the ski resort of Livigno, in addition to its famous ski slopes, you can have fun in the acrobatic Amerikan Snowpark, which owns less than 2 jumps and 12 rails.

The resort of Livigno is also delicious to live, full of shops and restaurants offering all the typical products of the Alps. The mountains around Livigno are full of ski structures and various levels of difficulty. No matter the level of expertise in sport; There are many schools that allow anyone to learn.

Livigno is popular throughout Europe not only for mileage runs, but also for its fashionable that you can do along the small streets of the town. This makes Livigno one of the best possible destinations for winter sports, to share with the whole family.

Bardonecchia, Piedmont

Bardonecchia is a small town of Piedmont. The Alpine resort is one of the most popular with regard to snowboarding in Italy. The impressive snow park in Bardonecchia provides many routes through mountain forests, and has a length of 1.5 km. It includes 3 different areas: Eagle Park, which is the historical part of the snowpark of Bardonecchia, Grizzly Park, dedicated to the jibbing, and Baby Park, for beginners and for children. In total, in Bardonecchia you can enjoy 3 different snow parks, 60 rails and jibs, 20 jumps of all levels, an Olympic half-pipe lit 130 meters long, 18 m wide and 6 m high.

The experiences with the board in Bardonecchia are among the most diverse to be found across the continent, thanks to strong diversification that characterizes the slopes. Even here there are schools for beginners, but also courses for those who, knowing already go snowboard, want to improve their technique. The ski slopes of Bardonecchia are many and extremely differentiated, suitable for all levels of competence and difficulties.