Best Italian places for snowboarders


For snowboarders, our continent is undoubtedly very popular, full of wonderful slopes and snow park well equipped allowing to enjoy the thrill that only this winter sport can give. As a result, five of the best places to practice snowboarding in Europe. But before reading, take a look at Sharewood website, where you can find snowboards to rent online.

Italy: Livigno, Lombardy

Livigno is a beautiful Lombard town near the border with Switzerland. In the midst of the Alps, it is a famous tourist destination for winter sports and snowboarding.

Here is the Swatch Mottolino Snowpark, considered the best snow parks in Italy for over ten years, and one of the 3 best snow parks in Europe. It is a perfect place for those who like to do freestyle and snowboarding. The snow park is divided into 5 levels: dall’XS the XL. In the ski resort of Livigno, in addition to its famous ski slopes, you can have fun in the acrobatic Amerikan Snowpark, which owns less than 2 jumps and 12 rails.

The resort of Livigno is also delicious to live, full of shops and restaurants offering all the typical products of the Alps. The mountains around Livigno are full of ski structures and various levels of difficulty. No matter the level of expertise in sport; There are many schools that allow anyone to learn.

Livigno is popular throughout Europe not only for mileage runs, but also for its fashionable that you can do along the small streets of the town. This makes Livigno one of the best possible destinations for winter sports, to share with the whole family.

Bardonecchia, Piedmont

Bardonecchia is a small town of Piedmont. The Alpine resort is one of the most popular with regard to snowboarding in Italy. The impressive snow park in Bardonecchia provides many routes through mountain forests, and has a length of 1.5 km. It includes 3 different areas: Eagle Park, which is the historical part of the snowpark of Bardonecchia, Grizzly Park, dedicated to the jibbing, and Baby Park, for beginners and for children. In total, in Bardonecchia you can enjoy 3 different snow parks, 60 rails and jibs, 20 jumps of all levels, an Olympic half-pipe lit 130 meters long, 18 m wide and 6 m high.

The experiences with the board in Bardonecchia are among the most diverse to be found across the continent, thanks to strong diversification that characterizes the slopes. Even here there are schools for beginners, but also courses for those who, knowing already go snowboard, want to improve their technique. The ski slopes of Bardonecchia are many and extremely differentiated, suitable for all levels of competence and difficulties.

Melbourne, a Beautiful Garden City

Melbourne is an immigrant city, more than four million people come from 140 different countries around the world. The Yarra River is the largest river which flows through the city, on both sides of the river, there is the city’s most bustling commercial district which gathers art center, railway station, office buildings, commercial buildings. The United Nations has been selected Melbourne as one of the most suitable for human habitation cities.

Before 1835, there was almost no people live in Melbourne, and in 1840, Melbourne’s population is ten thousand. In 1851, the discovery of gold in Melbourne attracted thousands of people all over the world (mainly American) came to Melbourne, including a large number of Chinese laborers. Because of the gold rush, the population of Melbourne grew rapidly, and became a large city soon.

You can take a yacht in the Yarra River City to appreciate Melbourne’s great scenery, every half an hour there is a yacht start off from the Princes Bridge, along the Yarra River to the port of Melbourne to enjoy the blue sky and sea.

Melbourne Federation Square is located in the city centre, it has become the new symbol of Melbourne in twenty-first Century. It was designed by Peter Davidson in 2003, and the government spent 4 years to build. It is a multi-functional cultural leisure square, its square covers an area of 3.8 hectares and can accommodate 10000 people, is the spotlight of Melbourne.

Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne is located in the South Bank of the Yarra River, it covers an area of 35 hectares, and is the biggest city garden in the whole Australia.  It adopts the nineteenth century garden style, has a history of more than 150 years, there are more than 20,000 species of plants, and more than 50 species of bird habitat here.

Melbourne is the first city in the southern hemisphere which hosted the summer Olympic Games, the annual Australia Open tennis tournament, F1 races in Australia, Melbourne Cup horse racing and other famous international competitions are held in Melbourne.

Planning for Holiday Traveling to Singapore? 4 Tips you must knows!

You must have to think about some important issue when you are going to plan for a holyday traveling by car.  In fact someone go to travel to get enjoyment.  To get amusement in travelling you need to design a well plan before start going. There are four things you need to consider a plan.


  1. Site selection

Modern life gives mankind a busy and technological life. People become bore to work with machine. The need leisure. They need refreshment. So when they get that expected holyday, they need to visit a suitable place with family or friends. To choose the place they should think about the nature of place they like. Someone like to visit crowdie place someone like to go to a quiet place. If the place is not alike the mentality, than travel could not bear any pleasure.

  1. Travelling kits

It needs to make a list of necessary things before packaging. It could make a problems if you forget to take some essential thing like water pot, baby food, spare dress, spectacles, mobile, debit/credit card, passport (if it is a aboard travel), some cash money, gaming kits (if necessary. You can take some dry food in your hand.

  1. Travelling vehicle

It is very important issue to select the vehicle which you going to use. Is it a public vehicle or personal car? If you want to use your private car, you need to check the engine condition of the car. Otherwise it may fells you in a haggard on the road. First you should to check the alternator because it is related to all electrical system like starter, battery, AC, lighting etc. If the alternator occurs any disorder than the plan will gone to the garbage. You have some ways to check these parts of the car.

Some indicators show the alternator is being damaged such as dim light- if the dash light and/or head lights are being dimmed, it indicates that the alternator is malfunctioning or going to damage. Warning light- now a day many modern cars have warning light to show the alternator conditions. Wired smell- some time we get bad smell if it is not run well. The alternator rubber belt produces this smell. Weak battery- weak battery cannot bear the load of electrical current produced by alternator. As a result the alternator may be damaged.  Odd sound- sometime malfunctioning alternator produces odd sound and we can also know by the electrical system. There are many Alternator repair service in Singapore, Rotor Auto Electrical is one of the trusted car repair center in Singapore, the are specialized in alternator repair service, starter motor repair, car battery replacement and car aircon fixing . You can check the car repair service from here

  1. Safety return

All well that end well. You have a well-planned return policy. You do not go to travel forever. So you need a plan to return home in a time frame and a possible way.

Last of all you have a green mind in your own to get boundless enjoy in a travel by car.