Find out More about Campervans


If you plan taking a campervan vacation, find out more by browsing relevant websites on the net. There’s a huge amount of information as well as how to book a vehicle with reputable online firms Down Under. Have the freedom of the road and stay anywhere you like, although it’s recommended to park in:-

  1. Well-known caravan parks – there’s a huge selection of caravan parks in Oz that offer recreational facilities, showers, toilets and the opportunity to connect your vehicle to electric power points.
  2. National Parks – many parks have special areas for campervans. You may find showers, toilets, barbecues and picnic areas too. If it’s peace and quiet you’re searching for, National Parks are the best spots to stop at.
  3. Roadside camping – outside busy towns and cities, roadside camping is usually allowed although it is prohibited actually in towns or cities.

Wherever you decide to go when you rent a campervan, you’re sure to have a ripper time!

Protection packages

As with any type of vehicle you rent, you are responsible for any damages or if the vehicle gets stolen. Taking out a VIP protection package will minimise your liability when you hire a campervan via online camper companies, so it’s too right you should consider this.

You’ll be protected even if the damage or theft wasn’t your fault, now that’s good news. Have peace of mind if:-

  1. The vehicle gets hit by a rock or stone and is rooted
  2. The windscreen shatters
  3. You have a puncture

You’ll be liable for a small amount if you take out this value for money VIP protection package.

Get a quick rundown of how to drive the camper

As soon as you make arrangements to drive a campervan, you’ll be given a quick rundown of how it operates. You’ll be taken on a tour of the vehicle to familiarise yourself with all the features, both inside and out. There’s also a mini rental guide which tells you what to do:-

  1. Before you hit the road – things like making sure the fridge door is closed, utensils are all safely stored, close and secure doors, windows, skylights and vents, turn off gas bottles as well as disconnecting electricity cables.
  2. What to do when you arrive at a camp site – make sure the battery system is connected, turn on the stove’s gas bottle, ensure there’s sufficient ventilation in the vehicle.
  3. Bed conversion – read the instructions on how to convert the rear bed, it’s quite easy once you get the hang of it.

There are also instructions on the cold water supply, the water tank, toilet and toilet waste, so do adhere to what you read, for safety and hygiene purposes.

If you need to get in touch

Should you need to get in touch with campervan rental staff for any reason, there’s a useful online form to complete with your name, telephone number and email address. Have a grouse time on the road!