Get Set and Go for a Decontaminating Rebirth of Yourself


The Supreme QX comes in the list of beauty spa Singapore. The spa delivers countless beautifying offers to their clients and according to what we got to know is their philosophy is based on balancing the yin and yang of one’s life. Holistic methods are used here to detoxify the body, give your face an uplift, to provide a therapy in order to tighten any wrinkles, sagging lines and to reduce pigmentation. Another set of their deals are:

  1. Working on Lymph Nodes

This is done to free your body of any knots and to improve the blood circulation and provide calmness to your mind.

  1. Working on Spinal, Tummy, Soles and Balms

The treatment is carried out to free your body from extra fats and to loosen it up, if you’re facing any tension and painful blockages.

  1. Working on Whole Body

This means to knead your entire body to remove any body pains and provide you stress relief. Also a special Phyto Hormone Balance Oil is used to aid in controlling body function and metabolism. This beauty spa Singapore also uses the oil to improve the hormones balance of women and helps them to eliminate cellulite problems. The oil is impressive for its moisturizing abilities, leaving the skin soft and supple.

  1. Treatment on Neck, Shoulders and Other Parts of the Body

Clients are passed through the experience of having their bodies toned, relaxed, contoured. They have special ingredients to scrub the body, to cleanse your inner parts through the method of purification. These heady treatments will leave your nostrils pleasured and your body will depict vivacity, never felt and seen before.

Other Beauty Spas of Singapore

Gathering our research of the beauty spa Singapore lists, we’ve come to know there are some really simple treatments that are being executed in almost every well-known beauty spa of Singapore. Some of them do have dissimilar ingredients but most of the results are similar to each other. We’ll let you on the top things being used in the beauty spa Singapore.

  • Scrubbing is done of the whole body or on the parts proposed by the clients. The usage of macadamia, cocoa butter, sandalwood essential oils, neroli, patchouli and lavender are high in the beauty spas because these ingredients are known to relax the body in a jiffy, while restoring the body energy.
  • For blood circulation with the advantages of improved oxygenation and healthy cells, flow method is carried out with the same ingredients mentioned above but with a little addition of pepper, savory and red palm oil.
  • The body is stimulated, shaped and toned with the process of toning. This is done with the blend of timber, rosewood essential oils, lemon and mint leaf with the addition of ingredients mentioned above. In many notorious beauty spas of Singapore, these techniques can be availed.
  • To encourage drainage and reclamation, the body is cleansed from damaging substances and the metabolism is improved. There is a preparation of all the ingredients mentioned overhead. Now, the concoction of these ingredients is not used in every beauty spa Singapore, everyone has their own signature beneficial blends.
  • Exfoliating is done in a very crucial way to take off the upper dead layer of the skin, so that the new refreshed skin can peek out from beneath. Active ingredients like AHA’s and BHA’s are expended for these actions especially sea salts, essentials oils and other fruit enzymes.
  • In beauty spa Singapore, you’ll be relieved of all the body and skin hitches and you’ll feel like reawakened again.