Guys Who Do White and Black


Have you ever thought on how google search results list the order of websites? Why is it not in alphabetic form or why does it always show the same link whenever I search for this particular word or phrase? There are many questions that can be formed whenever people ask about website popularity and optimization. If you are a website owner, blog writer, or online seller we all owe it to SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Now, what is SEO or Search Engine Optimization? To say it in a simple way, this is the process of placing your website on top of search engine results and getting people to view and visit your website. The people who do this are called “SEO Guys”. SEO guys may be called differently depending on their job description, they may be called SEO Specialists, SEO Link Builders, SEO Marketers, SEO Professionals, SEO Content Writers and more. They do different things that are interconnected with each other that has a common goal – to get your website visible to the public.

Even if your website or blog has good content this may not be easily seen by many. Some people may see it based on your personal network or contacts but how far can it really reach? If you are wondering why are there only a few people checking out your site, you may be lacking a key component in marketing your website. SEO can be learned through self-study if you are eager to learn and have time to do it yourself but if you are a busy person, you may need to hire someone from the IT field.

SEO guys can make your website shine through different techniques namely, White Hat and Black Hat SEO, just so you know this are two techniques that can be done to make your website popular. Either you have it done from within the codes, link farming and hidden tags (black hat) or with quality content, keyword density, research and more (white hat).

If you are thinking that SEO is only for IT professionals or super techy individuals, you are mistaken. Anyone can be considered as an SEO guy. Anyone can write or start a website but if you learn even just the foundation of Search Engine Optimization and some technical background, you definitely have an advantage and will be even better with some tools available for both SEO guys and practically anyone who wants to use it.

The essential qualities of being an SEO guy is being able to think analytically, at least be familiar with the HTML codes and editors, some experience with your web host provider, know your numbers – and track it, some programming knowledge is a great advantage, and some familiarity on how to manage servers or at the minimum know how it works is a great skill too.

There are many ways of becoming an SEO guy and learning how to get around with it even if you are not that technical in nature. Everyone starts from not knowing it but when you do, then the fun begins.