Understanding Different Seating Options before Buying Kentucky Derby Ticket

There are two things to consider before buying the Kentucky Derby ticket: seating option available and how much you can spend. For most of the people the seating arrangements are limited to the options below the 4th tier. The seating options beyond that are usually for the top celebrities or VIPs. The tickets to those stands are extremely expensive and thus not available easily. So, here are the choices for you.

General Admission:

If you are buying the general admission ticket then you will be able to get to the infield, standing room, and paddock area. With this ticket you will not get any seat. Also, there is no view of the racetrack. The ground floor and paddock areas get very crowded by noon. Therefore, it becomes quite difficult to stand there. But the lines for beer and food are not that bad as you may think. There might be long queue on the betting windows though, especially the smaller bet windows (under $50).

Infield is the part of the general admission tickets. They are of course the cheapest Kentucky Derby Tickets. Although it gets crowded everyone seems to be in the party mode on the Derby Day. There are large screens with 4K resolution so you can watch the race pretty much very clearly even when there is bright light.

1st and 2nd tier grandstands:

These grandstands are before the finish line. It is right at the front overlooking the race track. This is the bleacher style seating. It is divided into several sections. The section which is closest to the finish line is the most expensive. The tickets are fairly priced. But there are a few things you will want to know. During the race everyone stands up. If the person before you is taller than you then there is a good chance you will miss the race. Also, you will have to sit on the bleachers. Sitting there for 8 hours under the sun could be quite testing.

3rd tier grandstand:

This is a great option for those who want a nice view of the racetrack and are ready to spend a bit more but not really too much. This stand is priced at around $1000 and offers some bit of protection from the elements as well. There are seats with back so it gets a little more comfortable. The stand is elevated and hence you will be able to see the race easily. Also, the first three rows of the stand have no cover and are exposed. The remaining rows are covered. It offers the box style seating and has folding chairs.

More premium options

If you are ready to spend more then there are some really cool options for you. The seating gets more comfortable and the view gets better as the prices go up. You have the Grandstand Terrace, Clubhouse Section 110, Lower Clubhouse, 2nd Tier Clubhouse, 3rd Tier Clubhouse, and of course the Courtyard.

Most of the tickets are available online. There are some sites that also sell the Kentucky Derby tickets at the discounted price. Check this website: www.SeatHub.com to find out more.